Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So after Hurrican't Irene, I was a little disappointed. We had mayors, govenors and even the president saying New York was gonna get smashed. Of course I didn't want anything seriously bad to happen, but I was hoping I'd see a little more damage the next day. There were leaves and sticks on the ground in my neighborhood and my power didn't even go out. I mean, I bought a lantern and I didn't even get to use it.

Anyway, I found out that week at work that I was being a real smug asshole. Just because the hurricane didn't effect me or do any damage to my area didn't mean no one else was effected by it. Case in point, my friend Lana at work. She lives on Staten Island. Not only did her power go out, but her basement flooded (something that has never happened in the 10 years she's lived there) ruining the carpet and a lot of her stuff. But the topper was that a tree fell on her garden and she wasn't sure if her veggies were ok or not. As she told me this story, I could tell she was really upset. I felt terrible for thinking not enough happened and I wanted to make it up to her. I decided to make her the three veggies she grew in her garden, eggplant, cucumber and tomato (fruit?).

Anyway, these guys turned out great and were real easy and fun. The tomato took me about an hour only, making it the fastest thing I ever did sew. Unfortunately, I only had a neon green for the inside of the cucumber so it ended up looking more like a pickle. I decided why not go with it and so I made some extra bumps on the outside and voila, you have a pickle.

The best part of this project was that I got to make some stuffed food. I wanted to start a new ongoing series like the weapons and I had been thinking about foods for a while. I love making weapons and that series I don't think will ever end, but its good to have some variety in my life!