Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My biggest ever craft fail! This shotgun took weeks of time and effort, a project I put on hold simply because of the amount of time I would have to spend on it. And it turned out all topsy turvy. It has so many twists, you'd think R Kelly came up with it!

I am proud of the individual pieces though. My stitch-work on the stock (which you can see in the next post) is, in my opinion, really fantastic. The two hammers took some yanking and turning to get in the right position but I really think they turned out just right. And the trigger turned out just as i wanted it to as well.

I love the barrels for their color and the length and the little insets I made at the front to make it look like you could actually look into them. However, since I didn't measure perfect rectangles, they began to twist. At least I got something out of the mistake, I have started measuring all pieces of my projects mathematically and they are turning out much better for it.

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