Monday, August 29, 2011

Doug Trivets

I took a loooong break from making coasters out of perler beads. I had made a bunch of loveable cartoon characters from the days of yore about three years ago and then just kind of forgot about the medium as a whole. Recently, I needed a break from sewing and wanted to do something fun so I thought of perler beads! I love working with these beads. The process of figuring out how to make it look like a character is really fun, constantly switching out beads until the shape is just right.

I love this craft because I made something completely original out of what is essentially a kid's medium. Making character coasters is one of those things I consider to be mine, that no one else does. Of course, I haven't met every crafter in the world so I can't say for certain!


  1. I wanna use the big perler bead design I made as a trivet, but won't hot things melt them more?

    1. Very true...I actually don't use them as traditional trivets, but as laptop trivets. My computer doesn't get too hot so these babies don't melt. But you're right, I wouldn't put a hot plate or anything on them.