Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Perils of Crafting with a Dog in the House

Oh Gums, why did you do me like you did? This is what I get for leaving my crafts out when my dog is home with my boyfriend. I had just finished this project last night after a couple of weeks of work on it and was rejoicing at the accomplishment. I didn't take a picture of it last night and left it on the top of the couch before going to sleep. Then today, I was in a meeting at work and returned to some very urgent gchats from my boyfriend who proceeded to tell me the bad news. Emotional wuss that I am, I actually cried at this picture. After having some time to mull it over though, it really is miraculous that he didn't destroy the cap, the label or the bottom. The label is insanely detailed and is my current pride and joy and definitely isn't something I'd want to try and make again. The bottom of the bottle took some serious math skills to figure out so I'm very glad he didn't get to that.

I came home, checked my fabric, and was glad to see I had enough to remake the top. I already cut out all the pieces I need and will begin to sew them together after this post. I will undo the top and sew on the new one when it's done. All in all, it could have been way worse. And I can't stay mad at my boy Gums!

More on the bottle when it's complete!

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