Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Oh Gums, why do you do me like you do? In all fairness, it is my fault. I left my door open and the my heart on my bed. How can he resist a soft plush? And to his credit, he always chews my creations in the least destructive way. He avoided the bigger veins that took hours so I can't really be too mad. Plus, this is a somewhat easy fix. Plus, I hadn't even finished it yet. Plus, I got to reference Al Green in the title so it's all good.

Thanks to my friend Ellissa, I am starting a stuffed organs series. I already have an Organs-in-a-Box series so it is an easy transition. This heart will look fly when its done, with large blue and pink veins at the top.

I know I say I'm starting a lot of series and then there aren't any follow ups, but if weapons taught me anything its that too much of one thing can get taxing. After the heart is complete, I'm going to make a nifty pair of moose antlers.

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