Monday, July 11, 2011

Love is All Around Us

Okay, so drawings may not be considered crafts, but I did a few over July 4th weekend because I was too lazy to work on my latest sewing project. Drawing is by no means my forte and I actually have a hard time enjoying or sharing my work. I try to make everything as simple as possible so I don't get too bogged down with how awful my detailing is. So, this drawing is super simple, just a few lines to show what's supposed to be there. I looked up 'couple kissing' in google images and came across one that was passionate and funny and could be broken down into simple lines and I'm actually pretty happy with the result. The squiggles are my signature drawing trademark - I use it to make my boring drawings pop a little more. The squiggles are actually just one long line (three in this case as I couldn't loop through the feet) so it takes a long time but makes for a good tv watching activity!

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