Monday, July 11, 2011


Antlers! I think antlers my be the most beautiful design found in nature. They are ornate and powerful. If I weren't against hunting animals for sport, I'd be sporting some of these babies above my fireplace - my imaginary fireplace. I'm not too pleased with this drawing, I mean I just used a bunch of dashes to make it look like there is some depth to the antlers and that didn't even work. Talk about lack of technique. I've never been one to shield my failures from the public eye - it would be impossible not to. But I do like one thing about this drawing and that is the slightly vintage feel the plaque on the green background gives it. Please excuse the fuckery of using the word vintage. I know it probably doesn't even bring out that feeling in anyone else, but I drew it when I was watching a lot of Melrose Place so I was in a place of throwbacks.

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