Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cow Head

So I made a full-scale cow head for my brother's party. He was having an Urban Legend themed party. Now, I know you're probably thinking 'what urban legend has to do with a damn cow head?' And you're right, no urban legend I knew of. But, once I got the invite I started researching different urban legends. Most of the common ones had been mentioned in his email or had no real plausible way for me to make a stuffed imagining of them.

So I stumbled across this Japanese urban legend involving a cow head. The gist was that there was a school teacher with his class on a field trip. He started to tell them a story about a cow's head. He became entranced, he couldn't stop talking. When he was finished, all of the children were laying on the ground, foaming at the mouth and the school teacher couldn't remember the story he had told.

I know, what an obscure and ridiculous story to choose. Well, I certainly stepped in it at the party when I had to explain that to everyone who asked why the hell I made a cow head. I couldn't just tell them i had secretly been wanting to make a full scale animal head for quite some time. I'm thinking that a horse or a bison will be next...maybe an alligator.

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